Google Forms/Academic Forms

You must be logged into BadgerWeb and your SHC Gmail account to access the Google forms below:

Change of Major/Minor Form

Core Requirement Waiver Form 

Pass/Fail Request Form 

Change of Address Form 

Request to Graduate in Absentia 

Request for Verification Letter  (Full-Time Status/Expected Graduation)

Lived/Preferred Name Request

Use this form to Add and/or Drop courses AFTER registration closes in BadgerWeb.

(.pdf, 99K)

This form is required when undergraduate students drop below 12 hours in a semester.

(.pdf, 255K)

SHC students should complete this form BEFORE enrolling at another institution for transient study (transfer credit). 

(.pdf, 59K)

This form is for non-SHC students requesting transient study at SHC. 

(.pdf, 113K)

Withdrawal from SHC Forms

Please review detailed information and FAQs on deactivations and withdrawals before completing either form. 

This form is intended for students who plan to leave Spring Hill College between semesters. This can be with or without the intent to return to Spring Hill College. 

(.pdf, 141K)

This form is intended for students who wish to withdraw from all courses after the start of the term for which they are enrolled.

(.pdf, 212K)