Commencement exercises are held once per year in May for all students who graduated the previous December and those who are candidates for May or August graduation.

  • August candidates who are within six hours of graduation by the end of spring semester must show evidence that they will complete their degree requirements by August 31, or they will not be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony. August candidates who have seven to twelve hours of credit hours remaining by the end of spring semester must also show proof to the Registrar before commencement that they have registered for all required credit hours to be completed by August 31, or they will not be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony. Candidates for May or August graduation must be enrolled for the preceding spring semester in order to participate in commencement, or they will not be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony. August candidates must turn in a Commencement Contract (see Forms) signed by their Advisor and Chair in order to participate in the ceremony. This contract will show their plan for graduation in August.
  • Participation in commencement does not assure that all degree requirements have been met and that a degree has been or will be conferred.
  • A student wishing to graduate in absentia should submit a request in writing to the Registrar and obtain written approval. Those granted permission to graduate in absentia are not relieved from paying the graduation fee.
  • No student can participate in the commencement ceremony unless he/she is in good academic standing.

The Commencement ceremony for 2020 has been postponed. Details about a future date will be provided in the coming weeks. 
For more information and updates, visit the Spring Hill College Commencement webpage.  

Cap & gown orders are handled by the Spring Hill College bookstore located on the main floor of the Student Center. The bookstore will announce their annual Grad Fair via email to all students who are eligible for graduation. Students who have not completed their Intent to Graduate form will not be able to order a cap & gown. Students completing their course of study over the summer (August grads) will require clearance from the Registrar's Office before ordering their cap & gown from the bookstore.
No. During the ceremony, you will be handed an empty diploma cover.  Graduates who have completed all degree requirements will have their diploma mailed to them approximately 8 weeks after the ceremony. 
No, only the degree type will be listed on your diploma. For example, if your major/concentration was Business Administration with a concentration in Management/Marketing your degree type is Bachelor of Science.
No, you will receive one diploma.
  • For majors/concentrations which have common courses or curricula, at least eighteen credit hours (fifteen for concentrations) must be earned from non-overlapping courses in each of the two major/concentration areas. 
  • The applicant’s designation of a “first” and a “second” major determines whether the student receives a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.This rule is applicable when majors fall under different distinctions for degree earned.
After Commencement, the procession continues to the steps of Byrne Hall for the Senior Class picture before disbanding.
The MTS graduate students also take a class picture with the Theology faculty in the same area.



On or before the first of November preceding the spring commencement, all candidates for a degree must file with their department chairs a Notice of Intent to Graduate form, together with evidence that they will fulfill all requirements for graduation.

Failure to remit this form to the Registrar’s Office by the published deadline can affect the appearance of your name on the printed program, the availability of your diploma, participation in the commencement ceremony, and your ability to graduate.
It is the responsibility of the student to know and satisfy the degree requirements of the academic program.

These general requirements must be obtained for graduation with honors:

• Completion of the program with the following minimum grade point averages: 3.9 for summa cum laude, 3.7 for magna cum laude, and 3.5 for cum laude.

• Transfer students must complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of “graded” course work (courses where letter grades using quality points are used) at Spring Hill College in order to qualify for honors consideration.

• Graduation honors will only be listed in the printed commencement program and called out at the ceremony for students who have completed all degree requirements by December or May, not for students who expect to complete in August.

Commencement forms