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Welcome to a challenging part of college: preparing for your fall schedule. Please carefully review the materials prepared for you. You will then be ready to meet with an academic advisor during Badger Connection and register for your fall classes. Registering for Badger Connection is very important. When you register for Badger Connection, you will be asked to confirm your major if you have one (it is ok if you are undecided).
You will also be asked what LEAP theme you are interested exploring. LEAP is your freshman year experience, both inside and outside the classroom. As far as possible, you will be placed in (1) a core course based on your theme choice and (2) a LEAP lab that will meet and attend activities both on and off campus.


The materials (see the Important Resources portlet, at right) to prepare you for the academic part of Badger Connection are divided into the following:

First things First
   Common core courses (see Core Curriculum for Freshmen)

Jumping off point
   Common skills and course placement (see Course Placement Criteria)

Is there a typical schedule for freshmen?
   General schedules (see Typical First Year Courses and Schedules
   and departmental suggestions (see Sample Science Schedule and
   Sample Undecided Schedule

What if I already have college credits?
   Advanced placement, international baccalaureate,
   transfer credits – dual enrollment (see Previously Earned Credit)

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First Things First
Common Core Courses (.doc, 28K)
View common core courses for all students.
Jumping Off Point
Course Placement Criteria (.pdf, 260K)
Review the criteria for placement in Math, English, Foreign Language, and Science courses.  Learn about the importance of college success strategies and how to register for this valuable course.
Is there a typical schedule for freshmen?
View sample class schedules.
Typical First Year Schedule (.pdf, 109K)
Sample Science Schedule (.pdf, 20K)
Sample Undecided Schedule (.pdf, 18K)
What if I already have college credits?
Previous Credit (.doc, 30K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.