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The fact is that such professions as a plumber or a locksmith are not going anywhere. This is shown by our new project, which is to connect a customer and a housework contractor. The market is growing, contractors are hiring live! people to do it. In this case, the work will not work remotely. Although robots have already made their way into services such as cleaning floors and washing windows. The uniqueness of the service is that the use is absolutely free for both the customer and the contractor. With us, a contractor cannot just take and buy a place in the rating higher, as other similar sites allow.

Let me introduce LocalProBook, a young start-up project. The service allows homeowners to find contractors for a variety of home maintenance and repair jobs. In the era of a pandemic, the ability to order a service remotely is a priority, and perhaps soon it will be the only one. I think in the future it will remain a popular opportunity in any area.


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