Thanks for you interest in the Campus Programming Board. CPB is a major commitment, but it balances out with all the positives involved in being a member.
Currently, all of the committees are accepting new members. Feel free to browse the website and familiarize yourself with all CPB has to offer! Contact the chairperson for meetings and committee availability. 

CPB is the Campus Programming Board and is responsible for the majority of entertainment brought to Spring Hill. CPB is comprised of 4 different committees which of which provides a specific form of entertainment. CPB is truly student run, and provides members the opportunity to create programs they feel the campus as a whole will enjoy. The members take a show, program, festival, or dance from concept to reality. If it is going on at SHC, it is probably going on because of CPB. Funding for CPB and the events it helps provide comes from SHC student activity fees.

Contact Information

Get in touch with us and let us know what you think. Have you seen a good band, movie, DJ, or other event that you would like to see come to SHC?

You can stop by our office during the academic year, which is located in the Center of Student Involvement on the second floor of the Student Center (just at the top of the stairs on the left).

Or better yet, come out to one of our weekly meetings at 5pm in LeBlanc C and contribute your ideas. 

If you want to find out what is going on in the world of CPB, either check out our Facebook page, or look around campus for fliers. The phone number to the CPB Office is (251) 380-2298.

2011-2012 Executive Board

Chair: Taylor Donze
Campus Traditions:  
Music & Entertainment: 
Spe cial Events: 
Promotions & Research: Katelynn Jones

The Traditions Committee keeps the spirit of Spring Hill alive with Casino Night to Fall Ball to Masquerade! to Crawfish Bash.  It's hard to not feel alive when your primary goal is to be true to the traditions of the Hill google play download. يوتيوب عربي متجر بلاي متجر play
The M&E committee features local and regional up-and-coming bands and comedians.  Past events include Sean Patrick McGraw, Preston Pugmire, A Pair of Nuts, and the Tip Tops.Want to search out new artists before they make it big? M&E also supports t تحميل برنامج pdf he other committees by reserving sound equipment, stage requests, and other set up needs. descargar play storeتنزيل يوتيوبتنزيل ببجيتنزيل واتس اب متجر التطبيقات
The Special Events Committee sponsors some of the most unique events at SHC.  Whether that's Thrills on the Hill, Cloister Socials or Inflatables, they are always having fun, and the best part, IT'S ALL FREE! تحميل ببجي برنامج الاسطورة تحميل ببجي نور نظام تحميل ببجي تنزيل متجر التطبيقات متجر بلاي
متجر بلاي
تحميل ببجي
Promotions & Research primary goal is to create advertisements for the events coordinated by the other committees. Also it is the job of promotion & research to maintain the CPB Facebook page, research what is thought about events, and plan promotions for events.  متجر بلاي