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Best logic games to train your thinking muscles Original post: Fri 5/13/2022 at 12:36 PM

From time to time you may want to test your brain at a different frequency. For this special occasion, these great logic games for Android will come in handy. After you get a steady job, you'll find that you don't use various aspects of your brain as heavily as you used to in school. For example, if you're a chemist, you might find that you haven't used these 101 physics lessons in almost a decade. While these apps might not give you a history lesson, they will certainly ratchet the cogs in your head.

The best logic games for you will not only help you improve your concentration skills, but also make your good old brain work with the desired efficiency. If you have a very monotonous job or the lectures at school just don't do it for you, these games will surely help you achieve a higher level of focus and concentration. While these logic games are not as elaborate as the brain training apps for Android, they come close in terms of attentiveness and focus.

When asked how I can support and encourage my gifted child's logical thinking, I always answer: "Play with your children!"

While playing, children learn to concentrate, improve their logical thinking skills and have fun at the same time.

Exit games are popular at the moment, but other logic games such as Rush Hour, Blokus or the games from Smart Games or Goki are also very popular.

It is important for the brain that not only learned knowledge content is queried, but that the thought process is encouraged. Our brain doesn't like routine, it loves a challenge. That's why the stupid and endless repetitive tasks at school are very counterproductive for gifted children.

Mastering tricky tasks and having a sense of achievement motivates the child. It wants to think further to experience that feeling again.

Solving sudokus is also recommended from a pedagogical and learning psychological point of view, mainly because it primarily aims at the principle of "pure" thinking and not at learned or learnable knowledge content. A nice variant here are Sudoko board games made of wood, which are played with colorful pieces instead of numbers.

So get to the games and have fun!

These were some of the best online logic games for you. I strongly encourage you to check out every game on the list and try them out. I'm pretty sure you'll love every game on the list and have fun teaching your brain with these puzzles. If you are looking for more adult oriented logic games for Android, we made a list about them too.

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